Our Schedule

We'll Break It to You Gently

Dear Friends:

    As some of you already know, we are trying to sorta-kinda retire. Meanwhile, you keep calling and asking us to make stuff which is fine by us. We just decided that we didn’t want to run our wheels off travelling to art shows anymore. So, we made the monumental decision not to participate in any shows in 2018. We're pretty sure we won't start doing them again but if we do, you'll be the first to know.

   So, when will we be in the studio? Since we are committed to running away on our sailboat, Sabai, in the winter and spring, your best time to catch us is in the summer months and September.

  If you have questions or jewelry problems, feel free to email us at millarddesigns@hotmail.com or call at 970-217-1656. 

    If you’d like to read about how we got to where we are today, click on the “Our Story” page. 


                    Gene & Molly